Irrational adj.
Without or deprived of normal mental clarity or sound judgment.
Optimism - n.
A disposition or tendency to look on the more favourable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favourable outcome.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

This took me two days to write.

Full of sausage, mash, yorkie, peas and gravy. And chocolate cake and custard. And diet pepsi. And coffee. And a tic-tac.

Well, I'll be off into hospital tomorrow for my nasal polypectomy. Second one of my adult life, fourth overall.
ENT guy seems to think that they keep growing back because of the shape of my nose, so they're cutting away some cartilage to see if that helps. Anything that makes for a bit more room up there is fine by me, my nose always feels blocked.

Decided to stop collecting £2 and 50p coins. I had fourteen different £2 designs and fourteen different 50p's.
Bought a new checky blue shirt with seven of my newly spendable thirty-five pounds. And a Fry's Turkish Delight to take into hospital with me.

It is now Wednesday and I'm in hospital. Sat in the day room as they apparently weren't expecting me. Jesus, daytime tele is still shit. People wonder why I don't watch tele anymore...
They're currently waiting for a guy to leave a side room then they're 'giving it a spruce up' and then I'll be in there. Side room ftw, I was really not looking forward to sleeping in a shared area again. Just impossible to sleep.
Well, tonight would've been anyway. Tomorrow I doubt I'd care as I will be totally smacked off my tits =).

Bit annoyed that I'm not going to be able to exercise much for the next couple of weeks... No strenuous activity allowed, I'm afraid. Should probably lay off the late nights, too. But we'll see how that works out, eh.

Clairey is, of course, all worried and wants to visit me tomorrow. Even though I doubt I'll be conscious. And even if I am, I doubt I'll be at all coherent. Not based on last time I had this done.

Jenni is all confused because it's usually her that's in hospital and me that's worrying about her. This role reversal has confused the poor little Tot and she doesn't quite know what to do with herself =P. I am sure she will be fine with her new Glee DVD and lots of tea in her mug.

Hope it's something nice for tea in here today. Something with mash. I like hospital mash <3.

In other news, I have to decide if I want this tooth take out or a root canal and crown. Really unsure about having it out since you'd definitely be able to tell it was missing when I smile.

And! It's been warm again recently, but not really sunny. Just humid. The sun has been poking through now and again but not until the evening.
Meh, had a hint of a thunderstorm yesterday but it fizzled out quite quickly. Shame, I love storms.

That's it for now, petals.

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  1. Now I fixed it, so I can comment, I would like to point out that neither Tea OR Glee made me worry any less about my Tot.

    Totally a little offended you thought I'd be so easily distracted. 8-)